Inspiration is everywhere, sometimes all it takes is looking at something from a different angle or maybe walking in someone else’s shoes just for a minute. Well…you couldn’t really walk in my shoes since I can’t walk and have been in a wheelchair all my life, but maybe today that is just the perspective you need to see. WE ALL GOT ISSUES and you can rise above any challenge put in front of you.

Everything you ever wanted to know about a life on wheels and more.
Everything you ever wanted to know about a life on wheels and more.

This is me. Jamie Jordan. I’m a radio voice personality, a comedian, an online teacher, an entrepreneur, a book writer, a Texan, and I have a chair with wheels. This blog book promises to be everything about a life on wheels that you never wanted to know.

The truth is that I’m just a guy like any other guy and when it comes right down to it my situation really isn’t any different or tougher than the things that every human being deals with everyday.

I invite you to browse through the blogs, submit comments and even ask me questions.  Be sure to check out these two  pages to learn more about our purpose here:
>> It’s Hard Work Being a Man on Wheels
Don’t Let Your Issues Define You

8 thoughts on “WE ALL GOT ISSUES”

  1. Hey Jamie!
    What a geat idea! You are turly a unique person. I’m glad I “met” you and know you. One day we have to meet in person. Keep on rolling 😉

    Nik form Switzerland

  2. Hey, Jamie! Re: your undeniable hotness: if a woman can’t handle your being in a chair and the attendant difficulties, she’s not worth you. I dated a quad and fell in love with him. The chair and his disability were mere inconveniences that had to be dealt with like issues in any relationship. In the end, we ended our romance, but after a period of healing, we renewed our friendship. He is one of my best friends still. Now, we’re back to the friend zone. However, you should know that HE is the one who backed off, not me. My daughter was born with a chronic and terminal illness. She thought no one would ever love her. She was wrong. She’s married and has a daughter. The waiting is frustrating. I KNOW! I’m still waiting, myself, again, but worth it. As we always told our daughter when she asked, “Who can ever love me?” Only the best. Only the best.


    1. Caren,
      Thanks for that comment. I don’t worry about it so much anymore. I have 2 fabulous women in my life. One of them built this blog.. I’m not “with” either one of them, but they rock my world everyday. I am an extremely lucky guy. Thanks so much for sharing, that’s kind of the point of this thing. I hope to see you again soon.

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